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EMS Education

Stevens EMS Education provides area business and industry, first responder teams, law enforcement, fire, ambulance services and all healthcare agencies and providers with basic and advanced level emergency health and safety education programs.

Emergency Medical Technician Course 

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - is provided in collaboration with the University of Minnesota - Morris. (4-6 college credits)

This class is designed for anyone interested in advanced medical education and students or community members interested in healthcare careers. The class prepares students to complete the National and State certification examinations for Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Emergency Medical Technician - Refresher Course (EMT-R) 

EMT education is offered for college credits and is also available for college credit to high school PSEO students at the Morris Area High School, surrounding high schools and home schools students.

Questions? For more information call 320-589-7421.

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Topics in EMS: Time Critical Calls

February 10, 2018
Bigwood Event Center, Fergus Falls

Our 6th annual medical education conference with 8 Hours Continuing Education, breaks, material, lunch included. Questions? For information about conference agenda go to TOPICSINEMS.COM or contact Josh Fischer at or call 1-855-887-2338.

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Contact us at 320-589-7421, 1-855-88 SAFETY (1-855-887-2338) or email Nathan Roy, Education Director